Thrissur - The Cultural Capital of Kerala

Thrissur, or the “land of Poorams”, as is fondly known among Malayalis, is located in the central part of Kerala. Formerly known as Thrissivaperur / Trichur, this city is often referred to as the Cultural Capital of Kerala. It is considered to be the oldest city on the west coast of India and is also one of the chief commercial and cultural centres of Kerala. Etymologically, its name stands for "a small sacred place". The city is built around a hillock and is  home to various people of different faiths. It is also an abode to some of the oldest mosques and churches in the country. Kerala gets a fair share of its festive glitter from the city of Thrissur.

The heterogeneity in its festive galore is what pulls in sightseers and it is incomplete to visit the place without witnessing any of these. Other major tourist spots in Thrissur include the Vadakkumnathan temple, tomb of Shakthan Thampuran, Archaeology Museum, Athirapally Falls, Heritage Garden and many more. Apart from the cultural significance it holds, Thrissur is also a prime retail hub for Kerala and is also the Gold Capital of India, hosting some of the largest jewellery and textile lines in the region. Being an active participant in the commercial front of the State, its industries extensively include cotton weaving, rice and oilseed milling, soap manufacturing, and sawmills.

The area surrounding Thrissur lies largely on the coastal plain, except for its southeast regions, which overlap the hills of the Western Ghats. Agriculture is also an essential occupation, with rice and coconut being the cardinal breeds. Blanketed by ethereal waterfalls and lush green fields, Thrissur is indeed a tourist’s paradise that offers a bouquet of cultural adventures. Moreover, the warmth of its residents adds a cherry on top, making it one of the best scenic spots in the whole of Kerala!


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